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Improve Muscle Form With The Perfect Dumbbells For Your Workout

With just a handle and two weighted heads, the dumbbells can maximise the effects of your workout. Whether you are aiming for a more robust build or wants a well-defined form, adding weighted gym equipment like the dumbbells can help in targeting muscles more effectively and increasing the tension in each muscle fibres. Using dumbbells with the proper load can level up your workout through the resistance in weight. Even if it’s a simple routine in a treadmill or CrossFit training, adding dumbbells can give a fresh challenge to your muscles.

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The only biggest challenge of owning gym equipment is choosing the perfect type that is perfect for your routine, home gym, and budget. Luckily, when you shop in Home Gym Set Australia, you can have vast options on dumbbells set that will let you find the perfect fitness equipment that is worth your money value, space-wise, and compatible in your routine.  Check our latest offers and best deals on home gym equipment on our online shop and achieve head-turning muscle build in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right dumbbells to buy for my home gym?
Whether you are buying dumbbells as starters for your home gym or wants to add some resistance to your workouts, choosing among the different dumbbells for sale can be tricky. Without the right information and skill, you might get the wrong set in the end. Here is a buying guide for men and women, who are on the run for dumbbells shopping:

Select the right material for your dumbbells. The material-made of your dumbbells will determine its durability and cost. Some materials are resistant to scratches while other materials come at lower prices. Here are the different materials of dumbbells you should know:

  • Cast Iron. Just like any other cast iron gym equipment, this type of dumbbells creates the classic old school gym vibe with the concrete iron mould. Although iron is an ideal material for a long-term workout, the rough surface of the dumbbells can cause callouses. If you are a hardcore lifter that loves the exquisite smell of iron when working out, the cast iron dumbbells are for you since it usually comes in higher weight increments.
  • Chrome. It is another metal material used for dumbbells. Although the chrome dumbbells can go way back as the cast iron type, dumbbells made of chrome material has sleek and sophisticated finish. If you are someone who tends to show friends around their home gym, the chrome dumbbells can radiate a tough yet stylish look into your personal fitness space. 
  • Rubber. With a metal core, rubber-coated dumbbells also come in various weights. The outer shell made from rubber can protect the dumbbells from dent and scratches that you can commonly find in uncoated metal dumbbells. The light impact of these dumbbells on the gym mats and the dumbbell rack makes it suitable for commercial gyms. With the weight display on each end, you can save time when choosing which dumbbells to pick when you workout. Even better, some fixed rubber dumbbells come in various colours that differ depending on the weight for more convenience during use. 
  • Urethane. If you want rubber-coated dumbbells on a higher level of benefits, the urethane-coated dumbbells can meet your needs. Urethane is also a type of rubber but is more durable and can withstand more extreme conditions than the typical rubber. So, if you want to have an outdoor home gym, the fixed urethane dumbbells can polish your set up flawlessly. Although it might come in a slightly higher value, the urethane dumbbells have a broad range of weights that could match your body-building routines even with extended use. 
  • Neoprene. Unlike the urethane and rubber dumbbells, the neoprene covers the dumbbells entirely from its weighted ends to the handle.  Also comes in different bright colours, you can spice your cardio routines with these dumbbells. Known as the studio dumbbells, you can commonly find this type of weighted gym equipment in fitness classes with instructors or home gym. With the lightweight design of the studio dumbbells, these are excellent lifting gym equipment for beginners. Dumbbells have different shapes.

Consider the weight of your dumbbells. The lighter variations of dumbbells are common in home gyms, fitness classes, and cardio exercises. Often displayed as dumbbells set with bright colours, the light load dumbbells are optimum in increasing the intensity of exercise and ensure safety even when it falls on the floor during sessions. However, if you are into complex training for muscle building and reshaping, you should opt for the heavier dumbbells. The urethane and rubber-coated dumbbells are also useful for gym-goers who prefer heavyweight lifting but doesn’t want the gym equipment to ruining their gym mats or flooring.

Choose the suitable shape of dumbbells for your workout. Whether you are building a simple home gym or aiming to create a complete gym set-up, you will see different dumbbells shapes in the market. Take note of the characteristics of each type:

  • Round Head. Dumbbells of this shape are the most common type you will see in the market. The round dumbbells are perfectly circular that allows easy rolling during workouts. This type also comes with several handle options for more comfort during an exercise. The convenient circular structure makes it ideal for adjustable sets, that is why you will rarely find round fixed dumbbells.
  • Hex Head. From the word “hexagon,” this shape of dumbbells can give stable support to you and the equipment. Often in a fixed load, the hex dumbbells are steadier when doing floor routines like planks and push-ups. The hex dumbbells can be urethane coated or full cast iron. Commonly found in a fitness studio, the six sides of the hex dumbbells also enable easy storage even without a rack and prevent the equipment from freely rolling on the floor. 

By knowing the crucial details of each type, you will never have a headache in choosing among the numerous dumbbells for sale. However, even with these key pointers in buying the weighted fitness equipment, you should always keep your home gym and fitness goals first.

What should I choose between adjustable and fixed dumbbells?
There is no option better than the other when it comes to choosing between adjustable or fixed dumbbells. Each type can come in a favourable option depending on your home gym space or fitness routine. Here are more  details to know when you want to weigh your options more:

  • Fixed dumbbells are convenient to use. This type of dumbbells comes with a rack and typically found in exercise studios with instructors. The stand enables ease in picking one weighted gym equipment after the other without the need for changes in plates. However, with the large footprint of fixed dumbbells set, you might not have enough room for additional equipment in your home gym. But, you can always opt for smaller sets like the Everfit® fixed dumbbells that are lightweight and come in a few pairs which you can easily store with a complementing rack. 
  • Adjustable dumbbells support progress in lifting. By sliding the weight plates on each end, you can either increase or decrease the load of the dumbbells. The adjustable dumbbells are usually seen both in home gym and commercial gyms. With the different selections of weight plates in varying loads, you can increase the resistance as you progress through your training. The adjustable dumbbells are also ideal if you want to get accustomed to heavier loads of other lifting equipment. Selectorized dumbbells are also adjustable that takes a little space in your home gym. Its only difference with the regular adjustable dumbbells is its convenience during the workout. With a pin or lock, the selectorized dumbbells, like the Powertrain® adjustable dumbbells, allow an easier way of loading and unloading the plates even during workouts. 

By knowing the differences between the types of dumbbells, you probably have an idea already of what type to buy. The only thing between you and owning the best dumbbells is finding a provider that can give you superior products without creating a hole in your pockets.

Where can I buy dumbbells for my home gym?
Home Gym Set Australia is the home for top-notch home gym equipment at a reasonable price. We aim to assist you on your home gym needs through the seamless online transaction and quick deliveries we offer. We can provide you with top-tier dumbbells from renowned manufacturers like Everfit® and Powertrain® to ensure the quality and performance of our home gym equipment. To secure genuine and honest transactions with you, we perform quality control and calibration checks of our dumbbells. Easily source prime fitness equipment and apparels for your home gym through our all-around online shop and hassle-free shipping. Visit our product page and complete your fitness set-up now.