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Build Your Core The Fun But Effective Way With Gym Balls

Enhancing the core muscles does not only eliminate your unwanted belly but also give you a sturdy and robust centre. Although developing muscles in your extremities will pave the way for powerful kicks and explosive punches, a strong core makes all these skills possible! Even when our extremities are the ones feeling the tension during physical activities, these movements channel their force from your core. With gym balls, you can extend and contract your abs in an exciting and less complicated way. With firm and strong muscles at your centre, you will have more flexibility, stability and calculated movements. Aside from giving excellent definitions on your abdominal muscles, the exercise balls are also beneficial in countless ways. Get your gym balls now, and experience its advantages in improving your fitness.

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Home Gym Set Australia is an online-based shop that offers various options on fitness and home gym equipment. With the diversity of our products, we can bring different types of training right in your home. To ensure the superior quality of our products, we source it from numerous established and trusted brands like 66fit™ and Randy & Travis Machinery™. We can make your workouts fun and active with the different exercise balls available in our store. Train your stability with our gym balls and bosu balls or add an accessory to your pilates with our small gym balls. With Home Gym Set Australia, setting a home gym and working out indoors is easy and convenient. Check out our gym balls and other fitness tools to start building your home gym immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the gym balls?
These fitness accessories also come in the name of swiss ball, balance ball, stability ball, therapy ball, and pilates ball. The outer shell of gym balls is usually rubbery and soft with markings to add grip during the exercise. These gym equipment are air-filled, and you can change the pressure anytime using its valve system. Its smooth surface and ability to sustain your weight has numerous beneficial impacts on exercise, athletic training, and physical therapy. With gym balls, you can even make your traditional bench press into a more fun workout. Its round shape gives the optimum tension to your muscles that support the backbone. This effect of the stability ball on the spine is probably why it’s a loved tool by therapists and chiropractors. With a gym ball in your home gym, you will not have to buy other equipment to build your core. 

Furthermore, gym balls are the kind of home gym equipment that can adapt to different types of training. With its versatility, you will never have the time to keep it in storage. You can scroll through our various offers to get your gym balls right away!

What can I get from gym balls?
Gym balls have a lot more to prove than just being one of the round fitness accessories you usually see. Adding an exercise ball at your home gym will not only give your space an aesthetic look but also help you to live a fit lifestyle. Here are the benefits of owning a gym ball:  

  • Gym ball improves stability. The gym balls are called stability balls for a reason. With its unsteady form, even sitting on a gym ball can activate your deep muscles. Also, doing your routines on a gym ball will give more challenge for your core and back muscles as you keep the gym balls steady under your weight all while maintaining a proper position.
  • Gym balls strengthen the core muscles. If you are looking for low-intensity exercises that can build your abs without needing for a machine, the gym balls are the perfect answer for you. Gym balls are excellent means to give your abs the shape and definition you want. These abdominal muscles are responsible for keeping your balance. Hence, doing workouts with gym balls are efficient ways to fire your core muscles into action. 
  • Gym balls correct posture. With the effects of the gym balls on balance and on improving the core, having a good posture follows. Being able to maintain your pose on the exercise ball activates the muscles of the lower abs and back and the ones that protect the spine. The regular workout with the use of a gym ball can help train your muscles to keep a straight back and an upright position of your spine. 
  • Gym balls boost flexibility. Gym balls are useful in giving your muscles the right stretch and tension it needs. You can prevent having sore muscles after workout by having gym ball routines as your warm-up exercises. Conditioning your muscles before your intense lifts or pulls will prevent you from incurring injuries while doing your routines.
  • Gym balls are versatile gym equipment. You can use the gym balls in diverse types of training. From cardio, pilates or even just in warm-up routines, gym balls are capable of preparing your body for a higher workload. Much more, gym balls are pretty straightforward to use, so even beginners will not have a difficult time getting used to the ball. And even when you use it for different activities, gym balls are excellent home gym equipment that can give you not just diverse workouts but also significant results.

As most daily routines consist of lifting and reaching, you need to have a sturdy core to help you in these challenging tasks. With gym balls, you can develop firmer abs to help you distribute pressure during any physical labour.

What are the other types of fitness balls?
Going to the mall to look for gym balls might not be as simple as you think since you can encounter numerous types of activity balls for sale. But knowing their differences and notable characteristics will help you to pick the right one for your home gym. Here are other remarkable balls you should know:

  • Large exercise balls. These large exercise balls are the bigger ones you will see on home gyms and yoga studios. Also comes in numerous other names, the soft and elastic surface of these balls are ideal for many uses. The gym balls are air-filled and large that is capable of supporting your weight even if you sit on it.  
  • Small to medium exercise. Looking exactly like the large exercise balls, these smaller types of gym balls have the same soft and elastic surface. Even with their small size, these types of balls still add intensity and instability to your training. Since it has less volume of air, you can simply inflate and deflate it to fit in your bag. The small exercise balls are excellent as fitness accessories in pilates and in recruiting target muscles in the lower extremities.
  • Medicine ball. Alongside the large gym balls, the medicine balls are usual tools in chiropractic and rehabilitation centres. It has the same size as the small gym balls, but it is weighted. This weight of the medicine balls also varies in load as you can find lighter ones and even heavy types up to 20 kgs. With its weight, these balls are ideal in bringing the natural strength and movements of the extremities. It also used in the fitness gym during throwing and catching routines.
  • Bosu ball. With a flat surface on one side and a dome shape on the other, the bosu ball looks exactly like a ball split in half. But even with its one flat side, the bosu ball can still confer instability and challenge to your training. Its dome side makes your regular floor routines, like planks, more fun and engaging. These type of balls are also heavily weighted, so doing lifting exercises with it will be efficient in strengthening your muscles.
  • Slam ball. Often confused with the medicine ball, the slam balls are usually bigger in size and heavier in weight. Slam balls are fitness accessories that have a thicker and rougher surface to withstand the impact of the workout. As the name implies, the slam ball is primarily for slamming routines. Since these balls have higher loads, it does not quickly bounce back when it hits a surface.
  • Massage ball. Smaller than your palms, these balls are actually not for building muscles but for easing them. There are many variants of massage balls where you can choose from different options in surface, size, and colour. Some of the massage balls have surface protrusions to reach deeper muscles knots and manage pressure points. The massage balls are also useful to condition your muscles before an intense and heavy workout.

Home Gym Set Australia can provide you with any types of exercise balls for your routines. From your pilates ball to dead balls, we have complete options of gym balls for sale. Visit our store now and check out your cart with the different balls through easy shopping steps.