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Discover Your Hidden Strength With Gymnastic Rings  

A single gymnastic ring only consists of a strap and the ring itself. Even when you don’t have that much space inside your home gym, gymnastic rings are the type of fitness equipment you can keep outdoors. Even better, gym rings are simple to set up and remove so you can easily store it if you want to keep your area neat and tidy. Whether you fancy doing exercises indoor or in your backyard, you just have to find sturdy attachments for your gym rings, and you’re good to go. 

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Even with how keen you are in choosing the gym ring features that will best suit you, without a dependable provider, owning one will still be as tricky. Home Gym Set Australia is an online supplier of home gym needs from tools to apparels and even gym rings! We source our products from established and popular names, like Ironedge™, to ensure the quality of our service. Being an Australia-based provider, we strive to assist everyone with their health and fitness goals through swift responses and on-time deliveries. With the free access to our online shop and our speedy deliveries, you can set up your home gym in no time. Check our brochure now, and we will deliver your gymnastic rings from Australia to your doorstep with no delays and hassle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I get from gymnastic rings?
Most people find the idea of gymnastic rings training a bit overwhelming. But, like any other fitness equipment, the gym rings have a place for every beginner. Here are the benefits you can reap when you own gym rings in your home gym:

  • Gymnastic rings pave for a more robust and better muscle form. Bearing your weight and even holding a hanging position using gym rings are no easy stunt. With the pull of gravity and your weight, you have to work for your stability and balance to execute the movements successfully. The gym rings are unstable fitness equipment, so you keep up with the challenge by engaging numerous muscles groups. With the presence of high tension in your body, you can easily stimulate the increase in strength and size of your muscles, even the deep-seated ones. 
  • Gym rings enable a broader range of motion. Compared to its pull-up bar counterpart, the gym rings allow a smooth and natural transition between movements through the free form of its straps. Since you can easily adjust the distance between each ring, you can make sure the width and space will not limit your motion when doing the exercise. 
  • Gym rings can improve your flexibility and balance. Most muscle-building exercises target and activate the muscles through weights. With gymnastic rings, you can bulk your arms and legs without decreasing the suppleness of your muscles. Typically, the muscles adjust to the stress present during the exercise. Hence, with the broad movements and tension using gymnastic rings, you stimulate your body to boost not only the size of your muscles but also its quality and strength.
  • Gymnastic ring workouts are easier on joints.  With the ability to change your grip and follow the natural forms in every exercise variation, the gymnastic rings relieve the joints from high stress. The muscle control you apply when using the gymnastic rings are freer and would not force joint movements as compared to using a stationary bar. 
  • Gymnastic rings can keep your routine fun. Growing your muscles can be fun and exciting when you use the gymnastic rings. You can summon the kid inside you when you hang from the gymnastic rings as you did with monkey bars when you were little. Aside from that, the gymnastic rings are easy to pack so you can enjoy a diverse environment when you do your muscle-building workouts.

Although bearing your weight and hanging from a height will exhaust the power out of you, this is only a way of how gym rings can unlock your inner strength and balance. Own authentic and durable gym rings that you can easily pack and bring outdoors. Browse through our different offers and waste no time in growing and toning your muscles in a fun but effective way.

How do I shop for gymnastic rings?
If you are tired of your regular bodyweight training or just want a new feat to your routines, the gymnastic rings will be the best addition to your home gym. But rummaging through the market and getting yourself a pair of gym rings ain’t easy. A perfect workout needs a perfect tool. Here are the things you should know when you shop among the myriad of gymnastic rings for sale in the market:

  • Buy gymnastic rings that go with your size. Not too small nor too big. Choose the thickness that is comfortable for your grip. With gym rings training, stability comes from the firmness of grip, and you wouldn’t want your gymnastic rings to ruin that for you. The usual thickness of the gymnastic rings, like in the Olympic, is 1.1” or 28 mm. This size of the gym rings is the general standard. But if you are more into CrossFit training, you might want to choose a thicker variant.
  • Choose the perfect gym rings material. The gymnastic rings can go from organic and natural to sleek and sturdy. It would be best if you put in mind that there is no material better than the other when doing your strength training. Finding the perfect gym rings is difficult, but knowing what you want will always come in handy. Here are the different gym ring materials you should know:
    • Wooden. If you are looking for both comfort and durability for your gym rings workout, you should shop for wooden gymnastic rings. Perfect for people with clammy hands, the wooden rings will absorb moisture from your hands during the training. With wooden rings, you can ditch the use of liquid chalk and chances of having callouses at the same time. Being slightly weighted, the wooded rings will give durable support during your training even with complex variations. However, hanging your wooden gym rings outdoors might not be the best idea since extreme weather can weaken the wood material.
    • Plastic. This material is the most common and goes around at a lower price than the other two types. With its easy-to-grip and smooth surface, plastic gymnastic rings can work the magic for many beginners. The plastic made of the gym rings makes it ideal if you prefer setting up your home gym outdoors. With the plastic having higher resistance to extreme temperature and changing weather, these gym rings are your best gym equipment for doing a series of pull-ups outside. The plastic gym rings are also lightweight, which makes it convenient to pack and transport.
    • Metal or Steel. You can find many people who worship metal gym rings because of its good surface feel, but there are also who despise it because of the same reason. Although its rough surface is another way to establish a firm grip, there is also a good chance of developing callouses on your hands with constant use. Aside from its sleek look and solid form, the metal gymnastic rings are heavier, which gives you more stability when hanging above the rings. These gym rings made from metal will be a better use inside since metal easily rusts especially with harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, just like the plastic rings, the metal rings may not be your best option if you have sweaty hands, so you might want to have a mountain of liquid chalk ready.  
  • Check the weight capacity and strap support of your gym rings. With gym rings, most of your routines will be hanging either above or below the fitness hoop. Make sure that your gym rings will be able to support the tension and pressure you unleash when doing the different variations. By being sure of your safety while doing the routines, you will have more focus and confidence when doing the training. Another safety feature you should consider when choosing gymnastic rings is the strap. The enclosure, stitches, and material of the strap should be of superior quality to ensure that it will not break and become loose over time.
  • Select gymnastic rings with a comfortable strap. You can modify the height of your gym rings with the various length of straps. Whether you want to execute complex hanging variations or level up your plank routines, having the freedom to have an adjustable height of your gym rings will add intensity and fun factor to your training. Some gym rings have accurate index marking on the strap to provide ease and convenience when adjusting the height. You should also opt for comfortable straps since some routines might cause the strap to rub into your skin while holding the position. 
  • Find cost-effective gymnastic rings. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be easy and affordable, not the other way around. Source your gymnastic rings from a provider that can equal your money’s value. Aside from safety, you should also aim for the quality and authenticity of your gym rings. With a reliable supplier of fitness equipment, you can guarantee your security and money’s worth.

By considering these important notes, shopping for gym rings will not be as confusing anymore. Knowing what you want and what you are comfortable with will help you the most in choosing any fitness equipment. With these things in mind, you are only one step away from owning the best pair of gym rings. You only have to find a trustworthy provider, like Home Gym Set Australia, and you are off to doing ring dips in no time!