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Work Hard and Sleep Comfortably in A Memory Foam Pillow

Have a restful sleep in a memory foam pillow. Memory foam pillows are made of treated polyurethane, which may sound bad but actually gives superior comfort. Polyurethane is a kind of synthetic material used in everyday objects like your sofa, mattress, insulation, and spray foam. The reason why memory foam pillows are very comfortable to use is that it is easy to mould when subjected to the heat of your body and can quickly return to its original shape. This lets it adjust to your unique shape and gives you extra neck and head support. Everybody needed this kind of comfort when you had a long day at the office or after a productive and exhaustive workout in your home gym. That’s why Home Gym Set Australia has got the best brands of memory foam pillows, including pillows from BlackRoll® ready to serve your restless mind.

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Memory foam pillows have different designs and shapes that were explicitly made not only to give you a relaxing and peaceful sleep but to relieve some of your body pain and correct your posture. That is why most doctors recommend the use of memory foam pillow for people who have back and neck pain and for those who have weak spinal alignment. So it’s not just for your anxious mind but also as your inanimate healer. Purchase your memory foam pillow now at Home Gym Set Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the health benefits of a memory foam pillow?

Pain Relief

Memory foam pillows can offer relief from pain in all parts of your body but are most focused on easing the aches of your neck and back. Because they are softer than most types of pillows, they can release the stresses within your body.

Spinal Alignment

One important benefit of a memory foam pillow is that it aids you to bring into line your spine, neck, and head. If you have noticed, when you are using a regular head cushion, you tend to curl into a fetal position which is not just bad for your posture but detrimental to your spine and ultimately can cause significant damage. Since memory foam pillows mould into your head, they allow you to sleep in a more natural position.


Memory foam pillows retain less dust than the traditional ones. As a result, its users are not prone to allergies as they may do in regular pillows. Also, memory foam pillows are less likely to give you respiratory difficulties since memory foams are made of firm and slightly slippery materials that let dust slide or not accumulate in its surface.

How is the memory foam pillow different from the regular pillow?
One crucial difference of a memory foam pillow from ordinary ones is the level of comfort it gives to its user. Since it conforms to the shape of your head and contours of your shoulders and neck, it can accommodate your sleeping style and will not push your head upwards while sleeping, which is what regular pillows do.


A memory foam pillow has health benefits, whereas normal ones can give you headaches and neck and shoulder pains. It can aid in some of the medical conditions you might have. And though they carry unique features and benefits, memory foam pillows are more affordable now than ever. So what are you waiting for? Buy your own memory foam pillow now from Home Gym Set Australia.

What types of memory foam pillows that are available at Home Gym Set Australia?
We have all the different kinds of memory foam pillows from top brands across the world. We want to introduce the favourites of most of our consumers when it comes to these cozy and health-inducing pillows.


Shredder Memory Foam Pillow

These are the memory foam pillows that best resembles the traditional down pillows. These are made of small bits of shredded memory foam, hence the name. They are more flexible, which can be comfier for some people. When you want a head cushion that’s in the middle ground of memory foam and the usual types of pillows, then you will not regret choosing the shredder memory foam pillow.

Contoured Memory Foam Pillow

This is one of the more standard types of memory foam pillows, and this is the design that most people are acquainted with. Contoured memory foam pillows are made of a slab of memory foam. They have upper and lower ridges along its length which carves a shallow valley in the middle. The crease is made to better accommodate the curvature of your head and the lower curve to support your neck. This configuration of the contoured memory foam pillow ensures that your head, neck, and shoulders are in line while you sleep. Because of its unusual shape, contoured memory foam pillows include a unique pillow case, and they are available in double, king, queen, or single sizes.

Wedge Memory Foam Pillow

As its name suggests, this type of pillow shapes like a wedge and is made to offer more conveniences to its user. You can lie down on it while keeping your back at an elevated position to make it easier to read or even write. You can also use to support any kind of upper-body injury and even for your lower legs. As with the contoured pillow, wedge memory foam pillows also have a special pillow case.

Traditional Memory Foam Pillow

Since traditional can sometimes be synonymous to original, these memory foam pillows are the oldest versions. They just simply look like a block of memory foam cut into the size of a pillow. Traditional memory foam pillows are contoured pillows without the contour.

There are still other types of memory foam pillows like the memory foam neck pillow which was purposefully designed to support your neck. There are also memory foam travel pillows to keep your neck and head when travelling and sleeping while sitting in the plane, the bus or the train and memory foam body pillow which is as big as the size of a regular human being. Body pillows are meant to support your whole body and not just your head, neck, and shoulders.

How do I clean my memory foam pillow?
Cleaning your memory foam pillow is an easy peasy task. If you want to only clean the surfaces of your pillow, you will need a rag with detergent and warm water. Soak the rag into the warm water, squeeze to remove excess fluid, and spot clean the surfaces. Once all the spots and dirt have been cleared off, you can now leave it for air drying.

If you are planning to clean your memory foam more deeply, then soak it into warm water with detergent. The soaking will allow embedded dirt to come off with ease. After 5 to 10 minutes of soaking, get a washcloth and clean the surfaces. Squeeze water out of your pillow, make sure that you have removed all the suds and soaps before air drying it. Take note that the pillow has been soaked in water, so it would take time to return to its original shape again. Give it time, at least a full day to completely dry off.