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Maintain Neutral Spine Curve and Body Fitness With Pilates Arc 

With the increasing followers of pilates training across the world, pilates equipment also gain numbers in the market. Pilates exercises become not only convenient but also effortless when you have the regular pilates studio tools in your home gym. Like the standard exercise, pilates puts the body in a calorie-burning and muscle-building mode during training. And like yoga, it pairs the bulk with flexibility and endurance. These effects are the core reasons behind the balanced body effects of doing pilates. Having fitness from head to toe is feasible when you have the pilates arc at your home studio. Although the pilates machines are great tools as well, these usually induce strain to the spine and back. Luckily with the pilates arc, you could proceed with your mat pilates and lying exercises without worrying about your backbend.

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Besides among the numerous pilates equipment, this one is the best and most trusted type. Aside from the safer pilates exercises, it is also very efficient and convenient for the seniors and injured. Even just by leaning on the pilates arc, it will recruit numerous glute and hip muscles to support the hip and stability. The rolled shape of the pilates arc is also great for mobility and strength challenges during a pilates exercise. From spine flexion, shoulder stability, and vigorous mat exercises, the pilates arc is the best fitness equipment to have in a home gym. Shop your pilates arc at Home Pilates Machine Australia now and sustain the neutral curve of your spine every day. Through Resista™, DMA™, and Peak Pilates®️ products, we have the top-notch selections of pilates equipment. Besides, we keep each pilates equipment at its most budget-friendly price. Buy today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pilates arc?
If you think the pilates arc is fitness equipment only for the injured and seniors, then think again. Many athletes and pilates pros swear on the efficiency and degree of body fitness when using the pilates arc. Joseph Pilates first designed this pilates equipment primarily to act as a spine corrector. But time proved the value and advantages of this fitness equipment. Aside from the guaranteed balanced body, the pilates arc also opens the hips and shoulders and improves its range of movements. Its indispensable use in a pilates studio or home gym paved for the different arcs and barrels for sale in the market today. Here are the different pilates arcs and barrels you will find the market:

  • Pilates Arc. Typically with two ridges of different heights, the pilates arc is the most common type. Some of the pilates arcs even have detachable systems to enable more variability in use. With the capacity to support mat pilates exercises, the pilates arc is an excellent stand-alone fitness tool. It even puts your regular pilates to a new level through its ridges and curves. The pilates helps in moulding the curves of the spine during lying exercises. This effect is how it gains its popularity as a spine corrector.
  • Baby Arc. Almost like the barrel lifted from the setup of a ladder barrel, the baby arc is straightforward. Unlike the spine corrector, the baby arc only has one curve. Also upholstered, this type of fitness equipment is comfortable and convenient to use. Its simple design is suitable for pilates starters and for people who wants to have a fresh addition to their pilates studio or home gym.  
  • Ladder Barrel. Closest to the first barrel designed by Joseph Pilates for pilates exercises. This fitness equipment does not have springs or pulleys, but it engages as many muscles and strength. The barrel is upholstered and attaches to a ladder through a sliding frame base. This sliding frame provides an adjustable distance between the ladder and the barrel. With multiple rungs, some ladders also have an adjustable length. This feature will enable the user to complement the height of the ladder with the barrel. If you are into more intense and acrobatic pilates exercises, the pilates barrel is the best pilates equipment for you.

What can I get from the pilates arc?
Most pilates machines are too intimidating if not too bulky to own. But with the pilates arc, you get nothing of the dilemmas of using the regular pilates equipment. Here are other reasons why buying pilates arc for sale a great idea:

  • The pilates arc covers full-body routines. Achieve overall body fitness by adding the pilates arc to your collection of pilates equipment. With its efficiency to tackle the different deep and superficial muscles in the body, you get to increase the strength and flexibility of the full body. From the shoulders to the legs, you get to upgrade your pilates exercises by using the pilates arc.
  • The pilates arc develops a balanced body. Prevent the occurrence of imbalances when you have the pilates arc to compensate for the difference in strength. One of the challenges of using the standard gym fitness equipment is the development of a balanced body. With the soft and steep curves of the pilates arc, this fitness goal is not too tricky to achieve. Much more, with this pilates equipment, you could have a uniform tone and build. Achieving a balanced body may be rough, but not when you use a pilates arc. 
  • The pilates arc acts as a spine corrector. Get rid of the pain, stiffness, and rigid back through the spine corrector effect of the pilates arc. Most of the pilates arc nowadays have two ridges that are great to mould a better backbend. This feature will not only improve the condition of the spine and the back but paves for a better posture as well. The great shape of the pilates arc and barrel is perfect for opening the hips and shoulder to ease the stiff and tensed muscles. 
  • The pilates arc enhances flexibility and balance. Reach the full length and motion of the muscles by using the pilates arc during pilates exercises. Even if this pilates equipment is no machine, it has the perfect dimension and shape to boost the extension and contraction of muscles. Much more, because of its irregular shape, the pilates arc even recruits the deep abdominal muscles. This effect will improve not only the core strength but the tone as well.
  • The pilates arc is easy to use. Start your exercise readily without having to set up anything when you opt for the pilates arc. Compared to the other pilates equipment, the pilates barrels are relatively more comfortable and straightforward to use. With the stand-alone arc or ladder barrel, movements even have more stability. Compared to the pilates reformer or cadillac, you need no preparation for the fitness equipment.
  • The pilates arc is a convenient fitness equipment. Maintain the consistency of your pilates exercises by having the pilates equipment at your home. You don’t have to hurry to the crowded pilates studio when you can bring pilates exercises at home. Since this pilates equipment is relatively easy to use, it is possible to follow steps from videos. Besides, compared to the pilates reformers, the pilates arc has a simple user system. Hence, even devising a series of pilates exercises is possible with this fitness equipment.
  • The pilates arc boosts athletic performance. Stay at the top of your game or hasten you road on becoming a pro player through the body fitness effects of pilates arc. Aside from the strength and balanced body training, this pilates equipment is also great in increasing stamina and endurance. With the more extended capacity to stay in the game, you will become a pro player in no time.
  • The pilates arc is versatile. Add a fun factor to your pilates exercises when you use the pilates arc. Aside from it is lightweight, this fitness equipment is also suitable as a reformer wedge. You could add the pilates arc to the regular pilates machine such as the reformer and cadillac. By using this pilates device, you get to have more comfortable back support during the workout, especially during mat pilates.

Using the pilates arc will put your pilates exercise not only into a new dimension but also to more challenge. Whether you are already a fit player or a long-time pilates practitioner, the pilates arc will add a better system and take to your body fitness routines. Buy your pilates arc at today!

Where can I find the best deals on pilates arcs for sale?
Ensure the balanced body and strength training effect of the pilates arc when you have the perfect product to suit your training. Secure the best quality pilates arc when you shop it from Home Pilates Machine Australia. With Resista™, DMA™, and Peak Pilates®️ products, we offer only the best and top-tier pilates equipment for your pilates studio. Regardless of the limitations and capacity of your home gym, we have the right fitness equipment that will suit it perfectly. From the pilates chair, reformers and arc barrel, we guarantee only the best for your pilates exercises. Visit our products now at and shop your pilates equipment right away. Start your home gym or complete your pilates studio effortlessly through our dependable shipping service. Order now!