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Pilates Chair: More Than Just Versatility and Convenience in Pilates 

If there is one ultimate pilates machine that you should have, it is the pilates chair. Even with its very straightforward look, one should not underestimate the capacity of this pilates machine. Besides, compared to the bigger pilates equipment counterpart, the pilates chair is way convenient to own. With the resistance and versatility of using the wunda chair, it even exceeds the effects of pilates reformers. And with the free range of movements, you also improve flexibility with every exercise. Hence, it is easy to bring outdoors for a change in the workout environment. More so, with the standing, lying kneeling, and sitting variations possible on the wunda chair, you get to create a system for dynamic pilates exercises. Indeed, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to the compact design of the pilates chair. 

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Skip your early pilates studio classes with the all-time accessible pilates equipment at home. You don’t have to adjust your schedules to your pilates exercises. With a pilates chair at ready, you could get to your stretching and pulling anytime. Besides, its small footprint makes it ideal for pilates enthusiasts living in a small apartment. Encompassing the effects of pilates cadillac and reformer, you should not miss the pilates chair. Get yours now at Home Pilates Machine Australia. Through  Resista™, DMA™, and Peak Pilates®️ products, we got your needs covered. With our quality checks and maintenance, we ensure that every pilates equipment you order is at its best and top-tier form. Furthermore, even with the established name we carry, we keep each machine at its lowest and most affordable price. Shop today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pilates chair?
With its design and total functionality, the pilates chair is perhaps the most priceless invention of Joseph Pilates yet. Compared to the other pilates machines, the pilates chair is relatively easy to use and to manipulate. With only a few turns, you could already shift from multiple levels of spring resistance. The spring controls the resistance of the pedals. Some pedals are even split in half to facilitate full rotational motions. There are different types of pilates chairs you will find for sale, which includes:

  • Wunda chair. This type of pilates chair comes the closest to the original machine designed. With a simple design like a wooden box, the wunda chair is often interchangeable with the pilates chair. Some of the wunda chairs have a spring or adjustable metal rod that ends in handles. The handles assist during standing pilates exercises on the wunda chair.
  • Pilates high chair. If you are looking for more support on the back, you should opt for the pilates high chair. This type has a profile similar to an electric chair. Hence, the pilates high chair is also referred to as such. Indeed, the pilates high chair has a high and cushioned back support. This board helps in aligning the spine and back during the pilates exercises.
  • Pilates arm chair. If you combine the standard wunda chair and the pilates high chair, it would result in a pilates arm chair. With the typical dimension of the wunda chair, the pilates arm chair also has a small footprint. And like the pilates high chair, it also has a cushioned backrest. However, in the pilates arm chair, the board is adjustable in different angles.

Why should I own a pilates chair?
The effects of the pilates chair on fitness and health is unfathomable. It is a wonder how Joseph Pilates designed a fitness machine that is as beneficial and useful as the pilates chair. If you still don’t have a pilates chair in your home gym, here are the reasons why you should buy one right away:

  • Pilates chair supports a total body workout. Provide an optimum dose of pulls and stretches to your muscles all over the body with a pilates chair. Compared to the small design of the pilates chair, the body area it supports is limitless. By merely setting it alongside a mat, you could already engage and recruit multiple muscles. It might not seem so, but this pilates equipment can get you a toned and balanced body from head to toe.
  • Pilates chair enables flexibility and strength. Own powerful pushes and kicks in multiple planes of motion when you practice with a pilates chair. What makes this pilates equipment even more superior than others is its design. Its pedals and spring resistance has the right opposition to put spice to your mat pilates. You don’t have to lose your range of movements in return for increased power and force. With the use of a pilates chair, you get the best result of doing yoga and strength training at the same time. 
  • Pilates chair facilitates rehabilitation and recovery. Heal from your injury faster than doing mat pilates when you use the combo chair. This feature makes the wunda chair an ideal pilates tool for the injured and even the elderlies. Not only will the combo chair aid in recovery but in gaining the original muscle strength as well. With a wunda chair, doing pilates exercise or other body training becomes more bearable and much effective.
  • Pilates chair paves for a toned and balanced body. Get rid of the unwanted fats and calories by adding the combo chair to your pilates studio. Aside from the stronger and more flexible muscles, having a pilates chair will also help you to be at the right fit. This effect of the wunda chair makes it suitable for women who want to establish strength but do not want to have a bulky figure. More so, with the resistance of the pedals, using this pilates machine will hasten weight loss effects.
  • Pilates chair enhances sports play. Be at your best foot during games and matches when you use the wunda chair during your training. Aside from the power and force of using the wunda chair, its resistance will aid in establishing higher stamina and endurance. Besides, the effects of pilates chairs on developing balance and strength are takeaways to pro play. With the right elements and body fitness during the game, winning the highest place is at sight. 

These benefits of the pilates chair are only a short glimpse of what it’s like having one. Don’t get left behind on the perks of this wondrous pilates equipment when you shop at today. Whether you are into balanced body shape or on the road of becoming a pro player, the pilates chair is the ultimate fitness tool.

How do I choose a pilates chair for sale?
Shopping a combo chair for sale is more than just looking for the best brand and price. The capacity and overall functionality of your pilates equipment lie on your close inspection of the product. Here is a quick but sure way buying guide for a pilates chair in the market:

  • Consider the structure and frame. From pilates high chair to standard combo chair, these pilates machines also come in different designs and frameworks. Make sure that your pilates chair is designed for convenience and ease of use. Some of these chairs even have a foldable feature. 
  • Secure comfort. One most crucial thing about shopping pilates machines for sale is finding a comfortable product. Aside from the thick cushion, the pedal should also be suitable for both arm and leg use. And even with the spring resistance, the pedal should have a smooth push.
  • Examine the spring and resistance. Some combo chairs have multiple levels of spring resistance. With the spring controlling the opposition of the pilates machine, it should be easy to adjust and even consistent on its resistance. There are even types with additional spring-loaded arm handles. Most combo chairs use metal springs. Hence, the spring should be resistant to regular use and even rust.  
  • Check the quality: price ratio. Even with the magnitude of the benefits and convenience of using a wunda chair, it should be able to equal the value for your money. Opt for brands with the best reviews of wunda chairs in the market. When you choose a trusted brand for your wunda chair, you also get the best of what you paid for. More so, with the perfect supplier of your branded wunda chairs, you could guarantee the authenticity and quality of your pilates machine.
  • Find the right supplier. Home Pilates Machine Australia is a one-stop store for your pilates needs. From the reformers to the variations of the wunda chair, we all have the right fitness equipment for your pilates exercises. Now is the time to upgrade your mat pilates through the wide selections of our pilates machines. By offering  Resista™, DMA™, and Peak Pilates®️ products, we secure branded pilates equipment with the best reviews. By directly sourcing from the trusted and established manufacturers, we even guarantee the full authenticity and functionality of the pilates machines. 

With these points to guide you in buying a combo chair, there is no doubt you will have the best one for your pilates exercises. When you shop from Home Pilates Machine Australia, you will lose nothing other than excess calories. Visit our shop now at and order your pilates chair right away. Through our speedy shipping service, your pilates chair will be in time for your pilates exercises.