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Own Bigger and Mightier Muscles With A Pull Up Bar

Don’t you just feel astonished with the muscular back of the athletes? Or the extraordinary grip strength of the lifters? How about their endurance during their play or competition? The pull up bar can make all that possible for you. You don’t have to be hesitant or intimidated with the intense pull up routines. With pull up bars, you can always start with assisted workouts. You can start easy and slow, and it won’t take long before you can go hanging on the bar with your improved muscle strength. With a pull up bar mounted on your wall or ceiling, you don’t have to go to the gym and wait for your turn to do chin ups. Find the perfect pull up bars for your home setup and feel free to do different variations on your own time and your own pace. 

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Level up your strength and resistance training with the various hand grips you can practice. With the different chin up variations, enhancing your muscle force and toughness will never be boring and monotonous. Establish impressive arm power and firm grip by choosing a quality pull up bar for your training. Home Gym Set Australia can provide you with high-end and durable home gym equipment that can withstand your workout and regular use. With our dependable service, we can deliver the pull up bar of your choice wherever you are in Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I get from pull up exercises?
Although it might look tricky to perform, its countless benefits are the reasons why athletes and gym-goers are passionate in doing this body bearing and intense training. Set a home gym pull up bar now and experience these benefits:

  • Pull up bar exercises improve upper body muscles. If you are looking for training that can shape and give you that impressive upper body build, then you better be starting on a set of pull ups now. Even with having a simple mounted pull up bar, the exercise can target multiple large muscle groups on the back and shoulders. With regular training, you can definitely increase the size and shape of your upper body in no time.
  • Pull up bar workouts strengthens grip. The hand placement has a crucial role when it comes to doing pull ups. The strength and form of your wrists can engage different muscles of the arm. By having a pull up bar on your gym, you can enhance even the deep muscles of your wrist to develop a firm grip. With chin ups, you can achieve powerful grips like most lifters have in the comfort of your home. 
  • Pull ups boost overall strength and fitness. From the bones to your muscles, strength and resistance training can provide you with multiple benefits. With chin ups, your body weight will serve as the resistance when doing the routine. This intense exercise can quickly deplete your energy stores. Your body will then replenish the lost energy by converting calories into an energy source. Hence, with pull up routines, you can have leaner muscles, less fat and stronger bones all at the same time.
  • Pull ups enhance endurance and stamina. With your bodyweight pulling your down in addition to the gravity, doing chin ups needs not only strong groups of muscles but also a powerful mindset. You can increase your endurance and stamina when you can overcome the resistance present when doing an activity. Doing pull ups is a perfect setting where your ability to go beyond your capacity is tested and improved. 
  • Pull up bar routines are challenging. With a pull up bar, the progression of your training and the constant tension to your muscles is a guarantee. You can maintain the intensity of your exercises with the different grip techniques available. If bearing your bodyweight becomes easy, you can simply add other weighted equipment like dumbbells to provide a constant and gradually increasing tension to your muscles.  

Do not miss out on achieving overall fitness when you add a home pull up bar in your fitness area. Find the perfect type of pull up bar to go with your home gym with our vast product selections. With a collection from popular brands like Randy and Travis Machinery™ and Orbit Fitness™, you can find the best pull up bar for your strength workout.

What are the types of pull up bar?
Depending on the type of home gym space you have or the lifestyle you live, you can strengthen your shoulders and back through the different types of pull up bars.

  • Doorway. This type of pull up bar can give you the equipment at its simplest form. Like the telescope, the doorway pull up bar is collapsible. With this type of pull up bar, you don’t need any instalments of drilling. You just have to secure the pull up bar between the doorposts and your good to go. It has a unique type of rubber at each end that becomes more stable as you exert more force during the workout.
  • Mounted. You better get your home gym ready with this type of pull up bar as it needs a lot of drilling and holes. With stable placement, the mounted pull up bar can provide stability during the exercise. The varying designs of these pull up bars depend on the area you can mount it too. There are structures where you can stage it in your wall, door frame and even ceiling.
  • Free-standing. Through its robust frames, this type of pull up bar can support your entire weight even when doing multiple workouts. The free-standing pull up bar is stable on its own without any hole or drilling required. However, most pull up bars of this type come in large dimensions and will take up a large space in your home gym.
  • Station. Like the free-standing pull up bar, this type comes with a sturdy framework and massive assembly. But in comparison, these pull up bars are only part of a multi-station setup. The all-in-one feature of the multi-station home gym can facilitate different exercises for hardcore training through the various equipment you can find in a single setup.

Home Gym Set Australia can provide you with high-quality options for your home pull up bar. Whether you like it straightforward like mounted pull up bars or robust like the multi-station, we can offer you top-notch selections. Check through our products now and get the best pull up bar delivered at your address right away!

How do I choose a pull up bar for my home gym?
Guarantee the success of your strength training with the right pull up bar. With the numerous versions that you can find in the market, looking for one can be tricky and challenging. Here is a buying guide for men and women when shopping a pull up bar for sale:

  • Consider the kind of instalment you need for the pull up bar. With pull up bars, you can have different types of set up. If you have enough space in your home gym and drilling holes is not your thing, you can have the doorway or free-standing pull up bar. Or if you are a traveller and a fitness enthusiast, a telescopic pull up bar can also come in handy. Mounted pull up bars, however, need a laborious setup. But these strong attachments can secure your safety the most.
  • Secure the safety of your pull up bar. If you are someone with an already muscular-build, you might want to opt for the heavy-duty types of pull up bar. Failing to check the weight limit of your equipment might leave you with broken bones, let alone, expensive bills. Aside from that, if you got the pull up bars that need instalments, you should also make sure that the setup is stable and secure, with the proper bolts in the proper places.
  • Check the versatility of the pull up bar. Portable and telescopic pull up bars usually come in the form of a long cylinder. While it may be easy to pack, it might also limit the exercises you can perform. Some pull up bars have additional handles to facilitate different hand placements and variations. While other types also have curved or padded bars to ensure ergonomic and proper grip techniques. 
  • Examine the durability of its materials. The primary material of your pull up bar will define its functionality. With the tension from body-bearing exercises and the wear and tear of regular use, your pull up bar should be able to withstand the stress implied. Hence, it is vital to source your pull up bars from a reliable provider to ensure its authenticity and guarantee its quality. 
  • Choose a cost-effective pull up bar. With the need for sturdy materials and stable construction, pull up bars do not always come cheap. However, you can still turn the odds to your favour by choosing a dependable and genuine pull up bar. Home Gym Set Australia can get you different types of pull up bars at their lowest and reasonable prices. Even with the branded marks like Randy and Travis Machinery™ or Orbit Fitness™, we make sure our customers will get the best deals when shopping for pull up bars. Check our rates for pull up bars now and have one delivered at your door right away!