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Experience Versatility at Its Finest with The Best Slam Balls from Home Gym Set Australia


Working out with your regular exercise machine can sometimes be boring. We know that there are tons of exercise variations that you can perform with this fitness equipment, but it limits your mobility to its pre-determined range of motion. If you’re looking for a way to add versatility to your ordinary training regiment, then you’re in for quite a ride at Home Gym Set Australia. We offer the perfect alternative to break away from an exercise machine using a simple home gym equipment piece. Introducing slam balls. If you haven’t used a slam ball yet, this is the perfect time for you to learn more about this unique exercise equipment. Read on to learn more.


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Slam balls simplify your workout routine big time. They provide efficiency and versatility with the exercise variations that you can perform with them. You can save a lot of time and effort with a slamming exercise instead of working out on bulky exercise machines and getting the same results. Muscle building doesn’t have to be monotonous and boring. These two factors can slowly become your demotivators if left unchecked. Adding variations to your regular training sessions enhances the whole experience and offers alternative ways to focus on muscle groups that are sometimes difficult to target. Slam balls are highly recommended in the world of fitness and sports; that’s why we encourage you to take advantage of what it has to offer. We want you first to experience how a simple slamming exercise can make a difference where it matters. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a slam ball?
A slam ball is a weighted ball used in multiple physical activities to help muscle building and overall muscle mass development. It typically has a rubber shelling and is filled with either sand or sand-like materials. Some manufacturers may use PVC or vinyl for the shelling. Unlike the exercise ball, the slam ball doesn’t bounce. It is designed to endure ballistic training, which involves variations of a slamming exercise or throwing it against the wall. Slam balls are often used by professional athletes to enhance the efficiency of muscle building and strength conditioning. A study says that regular training with slam balls accelerates muscle mass development. Slam balls are widely recognised as an essential piece of home gym equipment.

What are the benefits of a slamming exercise using slam balls?
Aside from versatility, affordability, and its ergonomic design, slam balls provide lots of benefits to the users of all fitness levels. With the proper approach, you can achieve a full-body workout with a single piece of slam ball. Here’s a closer look at the benefits that you can gain from slam balls:


Strength improvement. The repetitive motion from a slamming exercise activates multiple muscles for each throw. This, in turn, enhances your strength as your body adapts to the training. The process speeds-up muscle mass development making your muscle building program more efficient.

Balanced muscle development. A slamming exercise can be modified to multiple variations that allow you to work on the muscles that are often left out with other exercise techniques. This process improves balanced muscle building development.

Improves athleticism. With even muscle mass development, your overall range of motion improves as well as your coordination and stability. You’ll have full control over your limbs in the physical activities that you’re engaged with at all times. An improved athleticism is not only useful in training but also your daily chores.

Improves your cardio. Working out with slam balls are considered as low-impact exercises. This means that you can exercise for an extended period without putting too much strain on your joints, muscles, and bones. And since the movement stimulates multiple muscles at once, your heart works harder to supply the blood and oxygen your muscles need. This whole process improves your cardiovascular system.

Helps with weight management. If you’re looking for another way to accelerate weight-loss aside from your running exercises, then your best option is a slam ball. The efforts from a slamming exercise burn away fats and calories effectively with regular training. The great thing about slam balls is you can combine slamming exercises with other techniques without compromising the results. You can lose weight, improve your cardio, and enhance your muscle building and muscle mass at the same time.

You can achieve all these with one home gym equipment.

How should I buy slam balls?
Before you buy slam balls or any other home gym equipment, it is imperative to have a mental checklist of the things to consider first. The last thing you need is buying fitness equipment that has no use at all in your training. So, here are a few reminders on how to purchase slam balls:


Buy only from a reliable source.


Choose a brand that has proven its worth locally or internationally.


The materials should be high-quality from shell to fillings.


Consider your training style or your fitness goals. Buy the size that compliments your training requirements to avoid incorrect use. Over or underdeveloped muscle mass can have adverse effects.

Why should I buy from Home Gym Set Australia?
Home Gym Set Australia is the country’s premier distributor of superior home gym equipment. We established ourselves as the most trusted provider of home gym essentials guaranteed to help you achieve a full-body workout at home. We’re here to assist you to save time, money, and effort by helping you build and design your workout area at the comfort of your home. There’s no need for you to enrol to commercial gyms or fitness centres. We’ll make sure that you’ll get the same health benefits at home with the products that we offer.

Home Gym equipment is our specialty. We know what you need, and we’re here to meet your demands with uncompromised quality and integrity. We offer reasonable prices with a variable payment option for your convenience. What’s more, is that we deliver anywhere in the country with the help of the most reliable couriers as our partners. So, if you want to experience online shopping convenience at its finest, then please visit today and be a part of our growing fitness community.