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Ride on a Spin Bike to Intensify Your Workout

Spin bikes Australia are a must for weight loss programs. They are the epitome of cardio home gym equipment since they not only take care of your lungs and heart but also provide a total body workout that no other cardio gym gear could do. A spin bike will hit your hips, thighs, abs, calves, shoulders, and cardiovascular system with enough stress to get them developed in an instant. Based on several studies, the spin bike will give you the max calorie burn capacity when working out. It is the most suitable home gym equipment for those who only have an hour or two to get their daily dose of sweat-inducing and calorie-burning activity at the comfort of their homes. When you are always in a hurry for meetings, and your desk is swamped by stacks and stacks of paperwork, then better get your personal spin bike now at Home Gym Set Australia.

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The spin bikes or often referred to as indoor bike by its manufacturers as its namesake actually is the brand name of the first produced stationary indoor bike. Because of its popularity in the fitness community, it has become the generic name for this excellent cardio equipment. Home Gym Set Australia has a selection of top quality brands on its back to give you the highest quality of spin bikes. The brands we carry for our selection of spin bikes include Matrix, Horizon, Powertrain, Everfit, Xebex, Orbit, and many more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to choose from Home Gym Set Australia’s selection of spin bikes?

Aside from the top quality brands that we carry, Home Gym Set Australia has an outstanding reputation in our customer service as well as making sure that what we deliver to your doorstep is a scratch-free home gym equipment. We have trained our delivery partners on properly handling our home gym equipment to avoid any scrapes on it. We test the equipment after it has landed into our warehouse and before it comes out to be transported to your homes.

The spin bikes we offer will give you the best cardio workout and total body transformation you’ve always wanted. That is possible because of the many gains our selected spin bikes provide you. Let’s get right on it.

Boosts cardio fitness

There’s no doubt that cycling on a spin bike can get your heart rate pumped similar to what it does when running. Cardiovascular workouts, including riding on a spin bike, strengthens your lungs, heart, and its surrounding muscles. Spin bikes improve your blood circulation and flow of oxygen throughout your body. This, in turn, improves your brain and memory function, lowers your blood pressure and stress levels, makes you sleep better, improves your blood sugar levels as well as your mood, and gives you more energy to get by all the juggling work of your day to day life.

Weight loss extravaganza

Spinning for weight loss is not a myth! Depending on the intensity of your spin bike workout, you can shed more than 600 calories an hour. It’s more than twice the burning rate of most of the cardio equipment out there like the treadmills, stair climbers, rowing machines, and the like. This is so because spin bikes have weighted flywheels, this means right before you increase its resistance you get to burn more and give more than you should on a recumbent or upright bike. The need to work not just your lower limbs but also your upper body adds to the weight loss routine.

As proof to this claim, a study conducted in 2010 found out that spinning on the spin bike for 45 minutes thrice a week has effectively reduced the body’s weight of the participants and also lowered their calorie levels. It is really true! You can tone and shape your super bod in the spin bike!

Low Impact Workout

Spin bikes use smooth movements to strengthen the bones and joints, easing the pressure on them. This low impact workout is a good option for those who have problems in their joints, have injuries or for our elders. Compared to other aerobic exercises like running, jogging, and even skipping rope, the stress put forward on your ankles, hips, knees, and other joints are too high that it can aggravate any injuries in those joints. Because your feet don’t leave the pedals, it’s a simple low impact exercise that is friendly to your joints but still can work your muscles and get your heart pumping.

Lower body development focus

Using a higher resistance when riding on the spin bike will ultimately carve your lower body. Your calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps are on nonstop work once you start your spin bike workout sessions. When you hold on to the handles while spinning, you will promote the development of your core, back, and glutes. Good enough for an upper-body workout, right.

Interval Training

Interval training is the best way to go when you want to shape up your body and gain massive muscle strength. The secret is alternating the intensity of the spin bike, increasing and decreasing its speed at specific times, and varying the resistance of the bike. You will lose more body fat, gain more muscles, and have better improvements on your muscular strength and growth.

How do I find the right fit of spin bike for me?

Have you been hyped in choosing the spin bike for your home gym? Then take heed of these few guidelines to help you select the best spin bike.

Flywheel Weight

The flywheel is the wheel in front of the spin bike that spins as you pedal through. Since flywheels of spin bikes are weighted to create a smooth and easy movement, you should be aware of how heavy the flywheels are on your chosen spin bike. A flywheel of about 35lbs (17.5kg) is satisfying enough to create a seamless and suave ride. Home gym spin bikes’ flywheels usually have 40lbs of load and commercial ones used in fitness studios and gym clubs weigh at least 50lbs (25kg). Whatever design of spin bike you choose, make sure that the flywheel weighs 35lbs and above.

Frame and legs

The frame and legs of your spin bike will be the measure of its stability and balance. Just like outdoor bikes, spin bikes are also susceptible to movements brought about by your spinning, and it will get unbalanced. That’s why having a stable frame and wide legs that give it optimum balance is crucial. Frame stability is hard to decide when buying online but rest assured all of our selected spin bikes have a solid frame. You only need to find legs that are wide enough to carry your weight when spinning and can make your body move from side to side.

Driving and Braking Systems

There are two types of driving systems of spin bikes, one is a chain drive system and the other a belt-based drive. Belt based drive systems are mostly favoured by home gym owners. They are usually made with this type of drive system because it barely makes any noise which is very convenient if you are living with someone or to avoid disturbing neighbouring apartments.

As for the brake systems, there is the fabric, leather, and magnetic brake pads. Fabric brake pads are usually used for home gyms, leather brakes for commercial and also advanced domestic use. Magnetic braking systems are the newest kind of brakes in spin bikes and are literally silent as there is no physical contact with the wheels. They also have a far more excellent resistance and don’t need that much maintenance.

Modes of Resistance

Spin bikes can have a cable, manual screw, electronic magnet, and electromagnetic resistance. Don’t opt for a bike that has a cable resistance mechanism as it has a tendency to slip and therefore, quite unreliable. Manual screw resistance works like your analog clock with all the gears and components. Electronic magnets, on the other hand, use electricity to move the magnet away and towards each other, causing the resistance to increase or decrease. Electromagnetic systems are still rare among the spin bike models but give resistance through the creation of an electromagnetic field around the flywheel.


This feature of a spin bike is especially important for tall or weighty individuals. They need to adjust either the height of the seats or the resistance of the bike to enable them to use it properly. This feature is usually a no brainer since most spin bikes nowadays are very versatile and can accommodate any user’s size and shape.

In choosing your spin bike, you should also check on the capabilities of its display screen. What types of information would you want your spin bike to tell you and the programmed setting which can also help you get started on your spin bike ride. Bike pedals should have straps on them so that your feet and toes won’t slip and to avoid any unnecessary accidents, and if you can, find a spin bike that allows you to put a bottle of water or energy drink on it.