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The Squat Bar Is The Ultimate Tool For Lifting Safely

Doing regular squats alone is challenging enough. And doing weighted squats will test the limit of your different body muscles. Excel in squats even with the insane weights with a unique barbell that has safety designs for your exercise. Squat bars are more than your regular weight lifting straight bar. Much more with a squat bar, safety is only a part of its benefits. If you are into strongman competitions or if heavy lifting is the name of your workout, then SSB is the perfect tool to help you further your weight limits. With a squat bar, you can target the different muscles on your body, like the hamstrings, glutes, quads, calves and even the core. Get your muscles a favour and remove the tension where it does not belong. Aside from less pain, you will also have a higher weight capacity in lifting. You can look through our products and add a squat bar to your home gym right away!

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Home Gym Set Australia is an online fitness equipment shop that you can access anytime and anywhere. With us, you can have high quality and top-performing squat bars for your home gym. We source our products from popular and established brands in the industry, like Orbit Fitness™, to ensure high-grade materials and functionality. With our high standard in selecting squat bars, we can equal the value of your money. Along with our online service, we also cater to prompt deliveries across Australia. Through our all-around service, performing weighted squats is safe, easy, and cost-effective. Check our store offers and get your squat bar delivered in your address with no delays!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a squat bar?
The squat bar, also known as a safety squat bar, SSB, or Olympic safety squat bar, is a specialty bar that ensures a safe and comfortable position during lifts, especially squats. Compared to your standard straight bar, the squat bar will not only train your body for the correct posture but also improve your lifting techniques. There are more specialty barbells you can encounter in the market like:

  • Cambered Bar. It has a bend that looks like a straight bar with heavy plates. With its close resemblance to the straight bar, the cambered bar supports anything you execute with the typical bar.
  • Trap Bar. This bar is also known as hex bars. Its poles form a hex shape with an aperture in the middle where you will stand while doing the lifts. However, the trap bar has a limited plate load.
  • Swiss Bar. Instead of one pole, the swiss bar has a framework that enables multiple grips. However, if you are someone who is opting for some heavy lifting, the swiss could take some time to get used to since it has an unusual width. 
  • Deadlift Bar. With a higher weight capacity than the standard barbell, the deadlift bar stands for its name of holding heavier loads. With its deep knurled handles, it allows you to have a better grip. However, its high capacity also comes with a higher price than most barbell types.

Imagine all of these other special barbells in one bar. You can have that with a safety squat bar. With SSB, you can pull heavier loads, it is easy on the shoulders, improves posterior chain, and even has ergonomic designs for a good posture during lifts. Adding variations to your training is also simple with a safety squat bar. Here are the different exercises you can do with a squat bar:

  • SSB Good morning
  • Hatfield Squat
  • Front Rack Position
  • Zercher Squat
  • Front Lunge
  • Back Lunge
  • Overhead Press

With an Olympic safety squat bar in your home gym, muscle building and lifting is safe and will never be boring. Browse through our products and put a squat bar under your address right away!

What can I get from using a squat bar?
Lifting needs a combination of strength and determination to excel and level up. With a squat bar to assist on the ever-challenging lifts, these exercises can be easy, safe, and possible. Get your home gym an SSB now and experience its perks and benefits:

  • The squat bar enables safety squat practices. Compared to doing workouts with the typical straight bar, the squat bars can help you achieve safety squat routines. The Olympic safety squat bars come with padded grips, welded joints, and smart designs to decrease the stress on the upper extremities. SSBs have a pair of front handles that allows you to get hold of your bar properly. Without doing a constraint position like holding the straight bar at your back, you can ensure safety and less painful squats.  
  • The squat bar supports routines even when you have injuries. Injuries and muscular pains do not only limit your movements but may also keep you off bars for a while. SSBs have a well-built framework to support the exercises even in the presence of an injury. So even if you incurred chest or wrist injuries, you could still perform a safety squat with a squat bar in your home gym.
  • The squat bar assists in proper position during bar squats. Perhaps the most significant feature of the squat bar is padded bars that end with the handles in front. The padded bars remove the extra tension on your shoulders as compared to going bare with the regular straight bars. Much more, even when the training is weighted, the squat bar reduces the tension in your spine. This feature of the SSB makes it possible for people with back pains or knee issues to do safety squats in their home gym.
  • The squat bar is a versatile straight bar. If you think safety squats are the only exercise you can do with a squat bar, you're wrong. The squat bar is actually an accessory that you can use for doing different routines. Besides, it's a fitness tool that you can add more weight plates whenever you feel like the regular load doesn't give you much of a challenge anymore. From back squats to calf raises, you can strengthen your different muscles with this single home gym equipment.
  • The squat bar targets your upper backs and abs more efficiently. Thanks to the design of the safety squat bar, you can divide the tension in your upper body muscles. In squat variations, especially on high-bar squats, the safety bar helps you to establish your centre of gravity better in a more stable position. The upright position gives the right amount of tension to your upper back and abs.
  • The squat bar helps in maximum load lifts. As you progress to more intense and heavier squats, the SSB can help you boost your performance by increasing your working weight limit. Doing squats with SSB will mimic the positions when doing a deadlift. The improved posterior chain can give your body the strength it needs in doing and sustaining heavier lifts. 

With the constant training with a squat bar, your skills in lifting will be on a newer level. Get bigger and stronger muscles with a squat bar. Browse through our product offers and accomplish variations of bar squats in your home gym right away!

How do I shop for a squat bar?
Aside from your safety, it would be best if you consider other things when looking for a squat bar to use. Here are the things you need to check to perform the Olympic safety squat in your home gym:

  • Durability. As you lift your squat bar, it will also have a fair share in the stress from the massive weight plates. Hence, your Olympic safety squat bar should resist and withstand this tension and not to mention regular use. Choose a safety squat bar with heavy-duty materials and industrial-grade strength to guarantee its superior functionality and long-lasting use. With reliable SSBs, you will have no worries doing your heavy squats at home.
  • Capacity. Your squat bar should be able to support the weight range you are planning to pull. Check the load capacity of your squat bar before buying. The last thing you would want is your squat bar bending on the load of the plates. Whether you are into a professional bar squats competition or just planning to add a new challenge to your glutes, your bar should be suitable with your lifting goals.
  • Comfort. Squats and any other lifting stunts are no easy feat. Hence, finding a comfortable bar, alongside a safety one, is essential. Check the design, sleeves, and grip that comes with your chosen squat bar. Some SSBs like the OB83 Olympic Safety Squat Bar®️ has an ergonomic design to reduce knee and back pain while bearing the weights during squats.
  • Cost. Being able to perform a safety squat should not come with a high price. Source your products from reliable suppliers. With the right provider, you can have not only an authentic squat bar but also a guaranteed worth for your money. Home Gym Set Australia is more than capable of providing you with top-tier products from established brands like Orbit Fitness™. With our high-quality and various options, you can score a branded squat bar at its lowest and most reasonable price. Check our brochure and get started right away!