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The Torsonator, The Gateway To Your Super Bod

The Torsonator is the ultimate core trainer. It’s one of those few weight equipment that is simple yet very effective. They are space savers, you only need a straight bar and even just one weight plate to start your core strength training. What’s more exciting with it is that the rotational movements introduced by the Torsonotor enable you to also improve your upper and lower body strength. This means you can have a total body workout without having to purchase any other home gym equipment. If you have been scouring the internet for a space and cost-saving, simple, and excellent weight exercise machine, the Torsonator™ is the right fit for you. Home Gym Set Australia offers genuine and highest quality Torsonator to accompany you through your fitness journey.

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If you think you haven’t been acquainted with this machine, you’re wrong. Torsonator, also known as the landmine to most gym-goers is that little piece of pivot equipment usually placed at the corner of the weight lifting area at your local gym. It is sometimes attached to a power rack and used to create rotational movements to exert stresses on your shoulders, arms, core, lower back, and lower body muscles. Unlike most weight equipment where there’s a high risk of being injured, the landmine is a safer bet to gaining that super core strength and muscle growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What good can the Torsonator™ do for me?

Torsonator™ or the landmine is a piece of weight equipment that was designed to have the unique capability of exercising our rotational movements which are very essential in gaining full control of our body. Rotational movements in the gym are crucial for maintaining your balance and activating your torso more to transfer strength to either your lower or upper body. In real life, it can assist you to better pick up things, throw a ball, or even get to your car safely. Torsonators™ can give you a lot more than this. Let’s see what this incredible core strengthening machine can offer you.

Cost and Space Saver

If I’m not mistaken, having a weight equipment that won’t break your bank and can fit into the limited space you have is a big attraction for a home gym owner like you. Torsonators™ only need a couple of meters of space on both sides for you to start working out with it. The gear itself is only half a meter in size, so you have enough space to do your landmine training. It may also be the only gym gear you need for your weight exercise from head to toe, this means you won’t have to buy any other cash draining gym gear to satisfy your workout goals. This in itself is enticing enough to purchase your own Torsonator™ at Home Gym Set Australia.

It’s the core strength machine.

Landmines are the best home gym equipment for core strength training. All of the weight exercises done on the Torsonator™ includes your abs, obliques, and lower back which are the key muscles of your core. From landmine squats, landmine rows, landmine presses, all of these will at some degree put stress to your abs which will also help you in efficiently transferring your strength from your upper to lower body and vice versa.

It’s a total body workout.

The Torsonators™ have been known for its versatility. It can give your physique the overall strength and muscle makeover. Don’t take my word for it. Just search in Google, “Landmine Training” and you get all sorts of exercises from the upper body to your core to lower body. There is almost nothing that you can’t do with the Torsonator™ when it comes to strengthening your body. Plus you have more control over the equipment with regards to stabilising and progressive training.

It’s safer.

Torsonators™ are a lot safer than free weights or even the power rack as the pivot gives it more support and stabilises the bar and its load. It’s also been known for use in injury recovery of athletes and as physical therapy for individuals who suffer from all kinds of joint and muscle problems. The greater control that it gives to the user is what makes this core trainer the equipment of choice for physical rehab.

It’s Time Efficient

Since all of your lower and upper body and core strength training will only be done on the Torsonator™, you don’t have to waste precious time prepping another equipment for your next exercise. The only thing you have to do is changing the weights for progressive training. Also, fixing the Torsonator™ itself for the fitness activity can be done in just 5 to 10 minutes. Just slide in the straight bar to the tube of the Torsonoator™, lodge the weight plates and you are ready.

It’s user friendly

The Torsonator™ can be used by all ages, teens to elders, novice trainers to advanced fitness buffs, men and women. If you’ve ever searched for some information about the Torsonator™ on Youtube, you might have seen a senior woman having a go with it. It’s not a magic trick or a con. It’s true! This is because Torsonators™ are easy to control. Unlike conventional free weight exercise, where the equipment really depends on you to stabilise it, Torsonators™ eases some of that burden. Due to one end of it pivoted and already stabilised, you’ve got the upper hand in regulating its movement and the stresses it subjects you to. Also, the load of the plates can be adjusted to align with your fitness level.

It’s inexpensive, consumes less space, your ultimate core trainer, plus working all of your body in it, it’s safe and can make your workout time a little bit faster. What more can you ask for from your home gym equipment. The Torsonator™ has got it all for you. Ooops... it’s also not as intimidating as the Olympic free-weight barbells. You can never be wrong with the Torsonator™ so buy one now at Home Gym Set Australia.

What exercises can I do with a landmine?

The Torsonator™ or most popularly known as the landmine, opens up a myriad of exercises for your upper bod, lower body, and core. Below are some of the exercises you can do with the Torsonator™.

Upper body landmine exercises

  • Landmine Row
  • Single-Arm Landmine Row
  • Landmine lateral raise
  • Crossbody Row and Press
  • Landmine Bus Drive

Lower body landmine Exercises

  • Landmine Squat
  • Landmine Reverse Lunge
  • Single-Leg RDL
  • Landmine Deadlift to Rotational Press
  • Explosive Landmine Press

Core Strength Landmine Exercises

  • Landmine hand to hand pass
  • Landmine standing rotation
  • Landmine Single Arm Rows
  • Landmine Tall Kneeling Presses

These are just a sample of the Torsonator™ weight exercises that are opened up for you. To have a complete list of the routines you can do with the Torsonator™, just click our Contact Us page and reach out to our fitness experts.

How do I perform my landmine training safely?

In any kind of exercise, your equipment’s safety systems are not enough to keep you protected from the countless injuries that you may suffer from it. But you can fortify your safety by using the equipment the right way, for the right purposes and being mindful of each and every movement in your workouts. Please heed these safety guidelines when exercising with a Torsonator™.

Always do warm-ups and cool-downs. Warm-ups and cool-downs are meant to condition your body either before the strenuous exercise or to signal your body to calm down. Stretching your limbs for a while and picking up dumbbell weights can get you ship and shape to carry on the onslaught of your landmine training. Warm-ups and cool-downs are your gateways to not strain any ligament, bone, or muscle of your body.

Don’t rush. Move at your own pace, feel your muscles stretch and contract in every move. In exercising, quantity is not essential, it’s the quality that counts. Keeping it slow would also allow you to really wear your muscles out and not just rely on the momentum of the speed of your movements to pick up the weights. This would also give you enough time to react if something’s wrong with what you’re doing.

Don’t overdo. It’s true that you’ve had a productive work out when after a set you don’t even want to move. But there’s always a limit to the exhaustion you can subject your body to. When it feels like your limbs want to give up, rest for a few minutes, drink your self-made milkshake or juice, and then get back into action again.

Don’t forget your shoes. You might have raised your eyebrows at that, but having the right equipment doesn’t just mean your gym gear. Your shoes are your fitness equipment too. Wear shoes that could give you enough traction and support from slipping or injuring yourself in weight training.