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Tricep Pushdown Bar: The King of Triceps Workout

The tricep pushdown bar is the ultimate exercise equipment for your triceps. It isolates this large group of muscles at the back of your arms called your triceps to strengthen and enhance it for your pleasure. Because of the location of your triceps, conventional lifting equipment could not focus on it effectively or isolate it. Luckily, a triceps pushdown bar can do the trick. A triceps pushdown bar is a cable attachment used in many gym equipments with cable systems installed in them, it may be the multi-station machine or just the cable machine itself. These incredible bars can either be a straight bar or a V-bar, both can induce intense stresses to your triceps and pump it up. It’s a must-have cable attachment for both lifters and body builders. So what are you waiting for? Click on one of our selected triceps pushdown bar now at Home Gym Set Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I benefit from using the tricep pushdown bar?
When you develop the back muscles of your arms through the tricep pushdown bar, you actually gain more than the physical strength and growth of your muscles. There are far more benefits that the tricep pushdown bars can give you.

Improved Muscle Volume

As with any muscle-strengthening exercise, there’s no better judge that your workout has done you good when you see that bulging and undulating curve of muscle within your skin. However, developing your muscles at the back of your arms is quite tricky when you don’t use the tricep pushdown bar. The bars are designed to focus all your strength to the development of the three heads of your triceps. When there is enough tension exerted on these muscles, they tear apart, but just to the point where it is ultimately repairable. Your body instinctively patches it up when you are at rest, adding layer after layer of muscle tissues. That’s how you get that extra bulk on your back arms.

Increased bone density

As a consequence of your much bulkier muscle tissues, it’s heavier now for your bones to carry. The bones, as your structural framework, need to add more bone mass to enable them to take the additional muscle tissues you’ve just grown. What they do, just like your muscles, they add another layer of bone tissue to fortify them and be able to carry your new weight.

Strength Gains

Since your muscles and bones have naturally reacted and added more muscle and bones, the tricep pushdown bar would now have strengthened your whole musculoskeletal structure. You would be able to extend your elbow and shoulders effectively and better perform daily activities such as the catch, pull, push, lift, and rotate.


What’s good about using the triceps pushdown bar is that it gives more focus to that part of your arms. This means all the tension and intensity of the movements are fully transmitted to the group of muscles you intend to develop. You would have control over its growth and strengthening. Isolation helps when you have strength or muscle size imbalance. When the left part of your triceps does not match the right one, you can just concentrate on growing and strengthening your left triceps to match that on the right. This gives you more control over your overall body structure and makes you feel more balanced. You also won’t have to worry about possible changes that may happen with the other muscle groups since the exercise only affects those regions that you intend to develop. This is why the tricep pushdown bar is the best tricep equipment enhancer.

What are the kinds of tricep pushdown bars that I can use in my workout?
There are only two types of tricep pushdown bars: the straight bar and the V-bar. Both are effective in developing your triceps, but there are just very subtle differences in the tension it exerts to your muscles.

The straight bar is as is described. Straight bars are ideal for developing the long head of your triceps because of the position of your grips when using it. The straight tricep pushdown bar can have a textured grip or rubber-padded arms from each side to have a better hold of the equipment. Sometimes, depending on the manufacturer, some straight bars have slightly curved ends. This is so to enhance your grip of the equipment.

The V-bar or the angled bar, on the other hand, is hooked as an inverted V on the cable machine. It’s the best tricep pushdown bar for improving your deltoids, the middle and rear heads of your triceps. Unlike the straight bar, V-bars have knurls throughout the length on both sides of the bars for you to hold it firmly in place. When using the V tricep pushdown bar, your arms are closer to each other than when using the straight bar, and so the intensity is somewhat heightened.

How to do the tricep pushdown bar exercise properly?

In any exercise, proper form is always crucial. Not executing the workout with the correct posture would not just derail your training but may also put you in danger. Heed some guidelines below on how to effectively execute your workouts using the tricep pushdown bar and avoid any injuries.

Don’t move your elbows excessively.

Swaying your elbows too much when doing the tricep pushdown exercise will not do you any good and your workout time is just a waste. This is because you are only using the momentum brought about by the speed by which you are pushing down the bar. It’s not your muscles that are working but the momentum you put when you move your elbows too much. If you have already made this mistake, you will notice that even if you’ve had 20 reps of the exercise, it still feels like your triceps are not tired. Tricep pushdown bar exercises should immediately transmit the tension to the back muscles of your arms, if not, then you are doing something wrong.

Don’t move your elbows to the sides either.

Another mistake that you might be doing when starting out your tricep pushdown bar exercise is moving your elbows to the sides. When you do this, your chest and shoulders are doing the work and not your triceps. Obviously, that is wrong. So take your excitement down a notch, do each movement of the exercise at a slow pace, guiding yourself on how to properly do the workout with tension building up as you continue the actions.

Don’t’ curl your wrists.

Curling your wrist at the bottom position will remove tension from your triceps and instead, transfer those stresses to your wrist. What we’ve learned so far in any weight lifting exercise is not to put pressure to your wrist. You won’t only lose the effectiveness of the training but also put your wrist in harm’s way. Your nerves might get damaged after a long time of incorrectly doing the exercise.