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Build Your Muscles with the Finest Weight Plates from Home Gym Set Australia

The key to efficient bodybuilding is gradual muscle development. You can’t just jump into an intense workout routine and expect the best results. The process should be gradual to enhance the efficiency of weight training exercises. Believe it or not, but this is the fastest way to build your muscles and develop your strength. Weight training is still the best way to build muscle mass. There’s no other method more significant than this. With the right exercise equipment and accessories, you can achieve a well-sculpted body worthy of being a Greek God or Goddess. Home Gym Set Australia knows precisely what you need; weight plates and barbell accessories. They’re the ideal tools to help you reach your ultimate fitness goals, and we’re here to provide what you need in home gym design and creation. 

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Bodybuilding is one of the most common reasons why people workout. Who wouldn’t want to have a more robust and sexier body right? Being physically fit and healthy has its own set of advantages. From an enhanced workout performance to warding off chronic diseases, a healthy body is always beneficial to everyone. Home Gym Set Australia aims to assist everyone who wishes to switch to a healthier lifestyle. We offer a complete selection of quality home gym equipment, including the best weight plates from the world’s most trusted brands. We’re here to provide you with all the different weight classes to fit your training requirements regardless of your current fitness level. Whether you’re a professional athlete or only a beginner, we guarantee that the weight plates that we offer will provide maximum satisfaction and efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight plate?
A weight plate is a piece of exercise equipment that is used for weight training and bodybuilding programs. It’s a cast-iron plate that is made to be compatible with barbells. Some consider the weight plate as one of the many essential barbell accessories. The weight plate’s shape is usually round and flat, but it may also be hexagonal depending on the brand or model. Some manufacturers build them bare, but others cover them with powder-coating or rubberised coating. Weight plates come in different weight classes to accommodate all levels of fitness from beginners to professional athletes. They are famous for their affordability, durability, and versatility. When it comes to the most commonly used exercise equipment in weight training, the weight plates still reign supreme.

What are the different kinds of weight plates?
Weight plates have three major kinds that are determined by their function. They are the standard, studio, and Olympic weight plates. Here’s an overview of each:


The standard weight plates. These are the traditional weight plates that you will find in most home gyms. Their centre hole measures one inch in diameter. This measurement is considered to be the standard size of centre holes in the world of fitness and sports. They look physically similar to Olympic discs, but their centre hole is slightly smaller. 

The Olympic weight plates. As the name implies, these weight plates are used in the Olympics. Their centre hole is compatible with most barbells that are available for competitions. It’s one inch bigger than that of the standard weight plates’ centre hole. The Olympic weight plates’ measure two inches in diameter. 

The studio weight plates. The studio weight plates are considerably smaller, lighter, and more compact compared with all the other types. They are favoured in weight training for home gym workout because of their size. Their centre holes typically measure around thirty millimetres in diameter. 

Whatever size or kind that you need, we guarantee that we have them available from our online shop.

What are the types of coating for weight plates?
Weight plates coating come in three different types. The rubber coating, the polyurethane coating, and the powder-coating. Here’s an overview:


The rubber coating.  The rubber coating provides protection for both floor and the user as well as itself. In cases of accidental drops, the floor will absorb less impact and will not crack. The same goes for the weight plates covered with rubber. It will not chip even after repeated drops. 

The polyurethane coating. This type of coating provides superior grip and protection. Although a bit rare, we have a complete selection from our stash. Polyurethane offers a better grip because of its natural tackiness. 

The powder-coating. The powder coating provides standard protection. The most significant advantage over the others is its affordability. They are the same materials used in kettlebells.

What are your recommended barbell accessories for my home gym workout?
Home Gym Set Australia offers these accessories:


  • The traditional weight lifting platform
  • The standard barbell rack set
  • The Olympic bar supports
  • The Olympic spin collars
  • The powder or liquid chalk

What are the benefits of weight training?
Weight training provides dozens of health benefits for all fitness levels. Here’s a closer look:


Strength and endurance enhancement. With the right kind of weight plates, you can enhance the efficiency of your strength and endurance training. Regular home gym workout activates multiple muscle groups that gradually adapts to the strain making your muscle development better. 

Bone density enhancement. Bone density decreases naturally as we age. Weight training helps restore the vitality to your bones with a regular home gym workout. We highly suggest that you try weight training at an early age to maximise its efficiency and reduce the risks of decreased bone density.

How should I buy weight plates?
Here are a few tips on how to buy the perfect weight plates for your home gym workout:


  • Choose the type that fits your exercise requirements and training goals. Buy the lighter weight plates if you’re targeting lean muscle development or the heavier loads for a buff physique.


  • Choose the appropriate shape that compliments your gym flooring. Hexagonal shaped weight plates are perfect for compact spaces since they don’t roll off out of place. The round-shaped weight plates are ideal if you have gym flooring. The same idea applies to the coating. 


  • Supplier. Buy only from a trusted supplier. You know that you can rely on Home Gym Set Australia.

Why should I buy from Home Gym Set Australia?
Home Gym Set Australia offers the most exhaustive collection of home gym equipment ideal for home gym building and design. We have all the essential tools for your exercise needs. Our products are supplied by the best brands in the market to make sure that you will get the best out of your workout experience. What we hope to accomplish is your overall wellness with the help of our home gym equipment. So, if you want to buy the most affordable exercise equipment with the highest quality, then please visit our website today to find out more about the best deals in the online community.